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MS Office 2016 x64 Free Download

MS Office 2016 x64 Free Download

The latest version of MS Office 2016 for Windows 10 is available for download with a click, without registration. It comes with a safe official offline installer for MS Office 2016 for Windows 10.

MS Office 2016 x64 Free Download

Overview and Screenshots

Microsoft Office has always been the best, or at least the most popular, office software. Few of us can imagine living without this set of tools at hand. But over the years the office suite has changed and improved, Microsoft Office 2016 being the latest version as of the day this article is written.

Microsoft Office 2016 colorsMicrosoft Office 2016 colors

Microsoft Office 2016 for Windows 10 uses all the advantages of its predecessors and adds something new with account of modern technological and social developments. It is easily installed (although uninstalling Office 2013 is required) and set up to look and work the way a user wants it. Office 2016 has several color/interface themes, including new ones, that suit Windows 10 best. The interface itself is basically the same as Office 2013, only more colorful and distinct due to additional color schemes. All the basic functions are available at the start, and newer features, such as the OneDrive cloud storage have received upgrades in stability, functionality and access. OneDrive itself even has been properly synchronized with Outlook, making file transfer aster and easier.

Every Office application has become "smarter", with greater degree of automation making it sort, group, adjust and offer additional support for managed files. A special "Tell me" bar is now available for advanced search and help manual access, spelling and grammar checks, etc. Excel 2016, in particular, received upgraded features when working with tables, such as prognosis and analysis. Word, on the other hand, has become a subject of a rather bold experiment of creating a hybrid between a text editor and an online communication platform, a tool very useful to people working on a project together.

Microsoft Office 2016 editing toolsMicrosoft Office 2016 text editing

All in all, Microsoft Office 2016 for Windows 10 is a strikingly modern office suite. It combines the functionality we've come to expect with innovation we would most certainly welcome.

Key Features

  • Greatest office software in history
  • Comfortable use and navigation
  • All-new features and customization options
  • Advanced online functions


  • Software full name: Microsoft Office 2016 Professional
  • Developer: Microsoft
  • License type: Free
  • Setup filename: office2016pro.iso
  • File size: 2.3 GB
  • Type: Full standalone setup / Offline installer
  • Limits: None
  • Version: 1.0

Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10

MS Office 2016 x64 Free Download

All downloads were checked for viruses and are completely safe.

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  • coolsof 16 hours ago
    It asked for product key.
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  • Aravind 15 days ago
    Is it safe? Last time a downloaded file from some other website made me to apply emergency repair and restore the system. After that, all my apps and unsaved data were lost. So I'm worried about the safety of this file!!
    0 |  Reply
  • GetPCSoft Support Team 14 days ago
    Dear User, All our downloads are absolutely safe.
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  • Hasindu 19 days ago
    No! My data was ended during the last 100mb. Can't I get them without redownloading?
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  • Ahsan Last month
    Thanks for sharing this top app Microsoft Office 2016 Pro Plus ISO.
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  • afzal rahman 3 months ago
    is it 64 bit?
    -6 |  Reply
  • Raagavendran 3 months ago
    is this 32 bit or 64 bit ???
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  • Ajay purva 3 months ago
    How to install office 16 iso?
    +1 |  Reply
  • BDB sharma 2 months ago
    Burn on a dvd /usb and use it, then extract the iso in a folder.
    +3 | 
  • Shahzad Ahmad 3 months ago
    use PowerISO or extract it using winrar. once extracted use setup to install it
    -2 | 
  • vishal 5 months ago
    Thank you team.
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